Where Is Our Nation Heading With Data Privacy?

The first article that I had chosen off of Net Neutrality is “Data Privacy: Is Trump’s FCC Redefining Public Interest as Business Interest?” The article briefly goes over a few changes that the Trump administration believes is more beneficial for us as a nation in terms of Internet privacy. For example, the U.S. Senate took […]

Living In A Digital World

This week in my FYS class, we had multiple collaborative discussions and a debate on old-fashioned learning techniques vs. technological based learning techniques. What I mean by “old fashioned learning techniques” can be more specifically explained as taking handwritten notes and reading from the actual physical book. The constant discussion that was brought up in […]

Is Social Media Platforms To Restrictive?

This week in FYS142, our class had to read two articles that both touch upon ones presented self on media surfaces like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many other educational surfaces that school systems use. The first article is “Digital Identities: Six Key Selves of Networked Publics,” written by Bonnie Stewart. Stewart’s blogs are very analytic […]

About Me

I am a freshman at Muhlenberg College and I was instructed to create this blog as a class requirement in my First Year Seminar Course. The name of this course is What Controls Your Digital World and I am extremely intrigued to find out if I myself controls my digital world or not. Maybe I […]