Advantages and Disadvantages Of Copyright Protection

In this week’s blog post, we will be talking about the advantages and disadvantages of copyright laws. The first time that I was introduced to the copyright laws I was still in middle school and I was taught the very basics. This including how to cite works that I used to gain information from using MLA format. When entering high school, I found that there was way more to not infringing on the copy right laws and that included the multiple different ways to cite works, the different types of ways that one can break the copy right laws, and the seriousness that goes along with breaking those laws.


The first article I choose, “Why Copyright Protection Is So Important?”, goes over the benefits that go along with the copyright laws. The most important benefit of copyrighting work is that it protects the work from being stolen and being used by someone else. In the article it is stated, “it is your legal right to protect your work”, and that is nothing but the truth. Furthermore, copyrighting a work can benefit in ways of income and making money. For example, If I were to copyright the work that I post on my blog and one of my writings gets published, that would mean that no one else could steal my work and try to make money off of it as well. In addition, the work that is copyrighted is protected up to seventy years after your death.


The second article, “The Disadvantages Of Copyrights”, explains some of the disadvantages that tag along with copyright protection. Due to copyrights prohibiting others “than the owner from reproducing, displaying or performing the protected work. Thus, copyright protection may prevent your work from being disseminated as broadly or as quickly as you might like.” In other words, the work will not have the ability to disperse or spread as quickly as it would without copyright protection, which can end up slowing down public interest. Also, copyright protection does have a lack of protection when it comes to the concepts something. What I mean by this is that copyright protection prevents people from stealing an “expression of an idea” rather then the “concept itself”. I mentioned earlier that copyright only lasts up to 70 years after the death of the original author or creator. I am curious to see why it is only 70 years rather then just for the remaining of its presence on earth.


In conclusion, there are many more benefits that are presented by copyright protection rather then the negatives. I truly would never want to deal with copyright infringement or plagiarism on either end of the scale with being stolen from or taking from someone else. Plagiarism is a very serious crime in schools that gets taken very seriously, which could include in some cases expulsion. Have you ever accidentally plagiarized or known of someone who has?

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  1. Copyright duration is heavily debated. Many would argue that the life+70 years is much too long and really benefits corporations and not really the individual creator. It also stifles creativity because of how that work can or cannot be used.

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