Are Driverless Cars Our Future?

In this week FYS142 classes, we will be going over the future of technology and as a class we were asked to read “Technology Tipping Points And Social Impacts”. This was a very long read; however, I was extremely drawn in by the very interesting future that is rapidly approaching us in terms of technology. The most interesting topic that stood out to me was the future of the driverless car. It is stated in the article “we are already seeing trials of driverless cars… These vehicles can potentially be more efficient and safer than cars with people behind the steering wheel”. Some examples of companies that are producing driverless cars include: Tesla, Google, and Audi.

Driverless cars, I believe are the future of the automobile because of the many positives that are involved with the invention. According to the article, driverless cars will include safety improvements, less of an effect on the environment, decrease in road rage, and increased used of all electric vehicles. The increase of all electric cars have always been a thought and were always being worked on, but I believe that Elon Musk was the one that broke the car business barrier with his company. His cars are extremely luxurious, and the top models have the ability to accelerate faster then some supercars that cost five times the price.

One company that was mentioned earlier is Tesla, a car company that has already been dancing in the market of driverless cars for some time now. According to The Drive, Tesla has already equipped come of their cars “Autopilot hardware suite ship with eight cameras, one radar, and a series of ultrasonic sensors – all of which provide feedback to a central processing computer to control the driving”. I have personally been able to test out this autopilot that Tesla offers in my good friends Model X. This is there newer SUV that enhances all electric power and gull wing doors that I believe are very elegant.

Another company that was mentioned earlier is Audi, and they have previously mentioned their involvement in trying to produce a driverless car. In the Mashable article that I found, it states that in the A8, the luxury sedan “will come with level 3 autonomy, meaning the car can drive itself… up to a certain speed”. What I am curious about is what Audi means by “up to a certain speed”? Well according to Audi, the purpose of this auto-driving mode is for those that will be stuck in traffic. That car will have the ability to start, accelerate, and then stop with enough distance to stay safe in traffic under 37.5 mph.

In conclusion, the driverless cars are the future of our society and the car world. I remember when I was younger and I was always dreaming of owning a flying car, but what I would really love to have now is a Tesla Model X with the driverless option. Elon Musk and Tesla have truly made the impossible possible with breaking the barrier with car sales, and that’s because he has reached out to a certain market that most car companies have no been able to do in the past. I am really excited to see how the future of cars turns out. Are you?

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