FYS Assignment 1

1. Expectations of the course.
Some expectations that I have for the course include learning how to create and customize my own website, increase my writing skill, and boost confidence in public speaking. Having my own website will allow me to advertise myself, any subject that I feel the need to blog about or any assignments that is given to me through my first year seminar. Increasing my writing skill will have a huge benefit for me in future classes and possible job opportunities. Lastly, I am hoping that this class will give me a boost in public speaking. Its not that my public speaking is horrific; however, there is always room of improvement.
2. What does it mean to have my own web presence through Muhlenberg Builds?
Having my own web presence has given me the opportunity to branch off from ordinary tactics when it comes to writing personal responses to homework and other tasks in my classes. This will allow me to present my work in other terms than just the normal webwork or turnitin programs. Lastly, I have a much more personalized display of my work, which allows me to appreciate my work that small amount more.
3. How do you view technology in your life?
Without fully digesting this question, I would say that technology does not have a huge impact in my life and I am not dependent on it. After some thought though, technology really makes up the majority of my life. I always have my cell phone on me at all times and I go to every class with my laptop in my backpack. When I get back to my dorm I turn the television on and watch Netflix while I do my homework regardless if I am writing on a piece of paper or I am typing up answers on my computer. After I am done with my homework I continue using technology either playing on my Xbox or going on YouTube to find videos that intrigue me. Even though I see my roommate everyday, I still snap chat and text him whenever he is not in a arms length surrounding. I think that technology is both a positive and a negative. It allows me to speak to people that are thousands of miles away from me but there are many drawbacks. My parents complain to my sister and I sometimes that we are not interacting with them during dinner or even when we are trying to have a movie night because our faces are always buried within our phones. This can sometimes distract me from what is truly important in my life.
4. What are my concerns with having a public academic presence?
Some concerns that I have in regards to having a public academic presence is that people have the ability to say hurtful things through a computer screen that they may not be able to say in person. This topic is usually defined as cyber bulling. Also, I feel that due to my blog being public, there is a lot of opportunity for my writing to get on peoples nerves. Not everyone is going to agree with my personal opinions that I have towards some of the topics that I write about.

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