Is Students Having Their Own Domain Beneficial Or Not?

The first article that I had to read in FYS142 is “The Web That We Need To Give To Students”, by Audrey Waters. Waters touches upon many reasons why using a domain for students schoolwork has a much greater impact in the growth and development of an individuals writing. It is stated in the article, “having one’s own domain means that students have much more say over what they present to the world, in terms of their public profiles, professional portfolios, and digital identities”. I truly agree with this statement because having a public domain has allowed me as a student to broaden my horizons with the way that I present my own work. Now that I have my own domain I have the ability to customize my own website to my personal preferences, present what I believe should be shared within my blog, and it increases my knowledge when it comes to technology. Before I had no clue where or even how I could start my own website.
The second article that I had to read for class is “Do I Own My Domain If You Grade It,” by Andrew Rikard. This article touches more on the negative aspect of students having their own domain used for schoolwork. Two main points that are stated in the article are that the audiences of the blog generally do no change and students do not want to be represented by their assignments. Even though I do agree that having my own domain is beneficial, there are negatives that do concern me. The usual audience that I am going to have as a blogger is my classmates and my teachers. Unless I broadcast or market my blog over the general public, the audience is really never going to expand much. Furthermore, I know at the end of the day, the work that I am putting up on my blog is controlled by the topics that we are conversing in class and is going to be graded by my teachers. Even though I have the ability to construct my own webpage, there is not much room for what I truly would like to blog about because in each class there is certain curriculum that I have to meet and follow. This means that having my own domain is expanding my freedom of writing only to a certain degree. Does this mean that having my own domain is truly broadening my writing style? No, because if it was up to me, the topics that I would be writing about on my blog would be nothing similar to what I am posting now.

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