Keys To Passing College Digital Activity

So far in college, I have realized how much easier high school homework was compared to the amount of work that I am getting in college every week. In general, I have around three hours of homework per hour of class and in some classes I have even more then that. For example, in Calculus I study around eight hours a week and I use many tools that I never knew were even around when I was in high school. This includes both Wolfram Alpha and Symbolab. Both of these tools, which are free online, are both websites that can help a student with math problems that are extremely complicated. I have used both of these website for every math assignment that I have been assigned to complete.

If I had the ability to create my own digital activity, I would have my students compare and contrast both Wolfram Alpha and Symbolab to see which tool is most reliable and easiest to use. What would be included in the activity would be a group of math problems so that the students could test out the website themselves. The benefit of this activity would be for the students to gain experience in both of these tools so that they could use it in their own classes in the future. Other steps include the students giving a description in their own blogs of the layout of the two tools. Some questions that could be asked are which tool is the most user friendly? After testing the websites, which of the two seems most reliable? And lastly, which tool would you rather use for your future math problems? Other questions would be what other tools do you use to maximize learning in the academic environment?

In addition, both of these websites give the user an in depth description on how to complete a problem. In personal use, I prefer to use Symbolab and that is because the layout of the website is much better than Wolfram. Also, Symbolab gives other basic information like minimum and maximum points of a graph, the vertex, domain and range. However, both tools are very easy to use. There is place on the first home screen for the students to type in their problem. Symbolab does go a little bit further with giving the user the ability to click on what the problem is about and the user just has to type in the numbers that he has rather then typing the entire problem in over again. Although, Wolfram does touch upon other subjects other then mathematics like history, art and design, and astronomy.

This activity, I believe would help the students control their digital world because it gives student extra tools to complete their math problems. This can go along with students that are in calculus or even students that are becoming an engineer. For example, in both calculus and in engineering classes, students are going to have to figure out extremely hard derivatives. If someone is having trouble figuring out an answer for their homework, then both of these tools will give the student the ability to complete the problem with an explanation.

Overall, this would be a digital activity that I would use if I were a teacher and I had students. Both these tools were of great help to me so far this year and I would have probably never been able to complete a homework without them. I just would like to pass on my knowledge to my students just so they have an easier process then I had in the past.

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