Technology Autobiography

I remember I was standing in the kitchen of our house and I saw a gift sitting on top of our dining table wrapped in shinny green wrapping paper. I had no clue who the gift was for and what the gift was, which increased my curiosity exponentially. I had sprinted towards the table, climbed up on the chair, and inspected the gift for any further information that I could gain from it. I come to find out that the gift was for myself and my happiness was so uncontrollable that I had begun to rip through the wrapping paper to finally find out what the gift was. I had never thought that I could tear up from a gift until I opened it up to my first cell phone. I still remember the packing that it came in to this day with its translucent plastic wrapping and black box that had the picture of the phone and a huge Verizon logo going across the top. The phone was palm sized, green and black, with the only option to have four contacts saved to it. I was still in elementary school at this point and I was the first child out of all my friends to receive a cell phone. My friends would all surround me in a circle and play with all seven of the buttons and eventually we found out how to take the battery out and we were all so mesmerized. This cell phone and the only technology that I had received at such at young age is what increased my passion for staying up to date with technology.

Fast-forward to where I stand now, I don’t just have a cell phone that is a computer in my hand but dozens of other devices that I have brought to college with me. In my dorm room, my whole desk is taken up with a forty-six inch flat screen, an Xbox, a PlayStation Four, and Apple TV, which are all used to stream Bachelor In Paradise. It seems The flat screen is pushed all the way to the back of my desk, the Xbox and PlayStation are placed in front of the flat screen on the right side of my desk, and the Apple TV is placed under the left side of flat screen so that I have some room to maneuver around while completing homework for classes. In the middle of my desk is what lays my MacBook Pro, which is thirteen inches and has the touch bar above the keyboard. Right now I have an iPhone seven plus in jet black with a 5.5-inch display and 128GB storage. However, once preorders open for the iPhone X on October 27th, I am hoping that I will have Apples first phone that has face recognition, a 5.8 inch display, and wireless charging. In addition, at all times I am wearing an apple watch with a black athletic band that tracks my every move. The most important aspect of having all this technology is the fact that it gives me the ability to interact with not just my friends but with others all around the world. It gives me the opportunity to host groups of kids in my dorm room on Sunday nights to watch football games, play video games, and watch funny YouTube videos that send us all into loss of breath from laughter.

What is so interesting to me is that I had no idea how much significance my first phone had on me until I was asked to write a technology autobiography. Even though my first phone had very little options when trying to perform tasks, it gave me to the option to be introduced into the world of technology, which is something that in today’s world is very difficult to live without.

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