What Is An Infographic?

My experience in creating my own infographic was not to spectacular.  I felt as though I was just creating another powerpoint in a different format.  I did like that there are different platforms that everyone can use; however, the platforms are kinda limited so that users would have to upgrade to their pro version to gain access to all of them.  For my topic, I had no idea how to create a graph of the information so I had to go online to find a graph and then place it in my presentation.  What i also found was interesting was the way that the format displayed my information.  It made the information that I wrote about turn into more of an advertisement rather then a boring presentation, which showed a huge difference between powerpoint.  My favorite website to use presentations for is Prezi.  There are so many different ways that u can jump from one slide to another and how users can present the information that they need to present to their audiences.  Below I have attached the link to my infographic.



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