Where Is Our Nation Heading With Data Privacy?

The first article that I had chosen off of Net Neutrality is “Data Privacy: Is Trump’s FCC Redefining Public Interest as Business Interest?” The article briefly goes over a few changes that the Trump administration believes is more beneficial for us as a nation in terms of Internet privacy. For example, the U.S. Senate took a vote to allow Internet providers to sell individuals data, which is searched online, to advertisers. In the article it is stated, “Over the last 30 years, America’s communications regulators have moved away from focusing on society’s benefit, and toward an interpretation of the public interest as equivalent to what businesses want”. This is quiet concerning to me because it seems as though government is taking into account more of a business strategy than the wants and beliefs of the people.

Even though policy makers explain that that the choices made are for the public’s interests, policy makers have found it hard to give definite examples of why these policies are more beneficial for the people. Only a small amount of big corporate companies have been granted the ability to obtain national media channels like Time Warner, Comcast, Fox, and Disney. This creates an atmosphere where the people are gaining less and less while these big companies are only growing more and more ever day. The problems that I see with this are that there isn’t enough diversity with what is produced on the media nation wide.

The second article that I thought was interesting and related to my first article is “Trump’s First 100 Days: Technology, Privacy and Intelligence.” The article is a bit lengthy, but it there is a lot of information about where might the future of technology and our privacy is going. This past election was the first election that I was able to vote in, and I do not remember much that was talked about in terms of the FCC and telecommunication policies, which concerns me. Knowing that President Trump is a businessman, I feel as though he will put forth more of a push for the ideas of businesses rather than the ideas of the public. I am not surprised to see “Republicans’ position is that content providers and ISPs will not broadly offer prioritized services because ultimately it would be bad for business” being stated in the article. However, I do see that there is a benefit to the people with that statement because now we wont have content thrown in our faces from our providers.

In conclusion, it will be very interesting to see how privacy, technology, and intelligence will be changing over the next few years with Trump being in his position as president. As it looks now, the ideas of big companies are more at heart in terms of policy changes rather then the people. Will this turn out to be more of a benefit for us as a nation, or will end up shafting the people and only benefiting big companies as a whole?

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