Why Should People Research Themselves?

When the opportunity was given to our class to look ourselves up on Google, at first I was very concerned research my name. I had no idea what was going to pop up on the search engine or if anything was going to show in that matter. I feel as though I never previously looked up my name into a search engine because I was always scared about the unknown that would appear, which meant that I avoided this search at all costs. I had no idea if the topics that would appear would benefit my appearance or not and I always thought that the internet was a black hole that captured everyone’s identity regardless of it was good or bad.

The fist search engine that I used was Google and there was not much that appeared. There were two photos that appeared in the photos tab, which included my Twitter profile picture when it was public and a photo from an old lacrosse recruiting webpage. I had to scroll down towards the end of the first search page to finally see one of my social media accounts. Facebook was the one account that appeared and it showed my profile picture and the high school that I attended. The next account that I had found was my twitter profile, which showed my profile picture and the cover photo that goes with my account. Other than those two accounts, none of my other social media accounts had appeared in the search. I went through the video tab of Google to find three lacrosse videos that I had previously posted throughout my high school career. Each video contains my email address, the high school I went to, and all my coaches contact information so that college coaches could get in contact with them

When searching on Bing, there was even less information that I had found. There were no profile pictures from Twitter or even the photo that I found from my old lacrosse recruiting webpage. However, my Facebook account did show up again and it showed the same information that was mentioned in the previous paragraph. What was also interesting was the fact that on Bing I could only find one out of the three lacrosse videos that I had posted on my YouTube account. This search almost made me feel nonexistent in the world of many other Christopher Hyde’s that had appeared.

After completing this task I had learned that the fear that I felt before about researching myself was foolish and it reminded me of a quote, “there is no such thing as bad publicity.” Even though the Internet had very little information on me, the topics that I did find broadcasted my interests and my accolades. The lacrosse videos showed my performances in school and the achievements that I had received throughout my lacrosse career. What I found most interesting is that even though I have never created a resume, the Internet has already given my future employers the opportunity to know what kind of person that I was.

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